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EYE-D Project

Eyes are our windows out to the world, and the windows into our souls. Each eye is the chronicle of a life. Iris colors change with the years, and lines and lashes reveal our stories to those who can read them. EyeD is a series of extreme close-up photographs that focuses the man-made lens on the human one, and concentrates on what makes us each unique. Each subject is an icon we know, but the photographs depict an entirely new truth that readers have never before seen.


Looking into someone’s eyes for a prolonged period can simultaneously unnerve and bring closeness.  Oxytocin is released and the personal boundaries we maintain are challenged. Connections, emotions, sublanguage, healing--all flow between us via the eyes.




Mick Fleetwood

Johnny Depp

Tom Petty

Nick Mason

Robert Plant

Graham Nash

Lou Reed

Eddie Vedder

David Byrne

Paul Simon

Annie Lennox

Randy Newman

Chris Blackwell


Peter Gabriel

Susan Sarandon

Willem Dafoe

Richard Branson

Kevin Bacon

Brian Eno 

Michael Stipe

Guy Garvey

Rufus Wainwright

3D of Massive Attack

Noel Gallagher

The Edge

Adam Masterson

Mary Gauthier

Laurie Anderson 

Joseph Arthur

Bon Iver

Waris Ahluwalia

Angélique Kidjo

Jean Michel Jarre

Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot

Glen Hansard

Mario Batali

Griffin Dunne

Fisher Stevens

Rosanna Arquette

Yousou N'Dour

Alex Ebert

Rohan Marley

Samantha Mathis

TV On The Radio

Benjamin Zephaniah

Helena Christensen

Maynard James Keenan

Amadou and Mariam

Beth Orton

Nile Rodgers

Daymond John

Shane MacGowan

Debbie Harry

Tea Leoni

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Anna Gabriel is a photographer, filmmaker and editor who has worked with celebrities such as Run DMC, EmmyLou Harris, Joan Baez, Robert Plant, Iggy Pop. Anna has directed music videos for artists Peter Gabriel, Joseph Arthur, Jesca Hoop and Emmanuel Jal. She directed and edited the documentary film Growing Up on Tour: A Family Portrait, released by Seventh Art in 2004, Still Growing Up: Live and Unwrapped in 2006 and Taking The Pulse: Live in Verona in 2012. Anna has also filmed and directed documentary work for numerous non-profit organizations such as The Voice Project, Happy Hearts Fund and Delete Blood Cancer.

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Limited Edition
Shooting Mick Fleetwood

Shooting Mick Fleetwood

Shooting Johnny Depp

Shooting Johnny Depp

Shooting Tom Petty

Shooting Tom Petty

Shooting Robert Plant

Shooting Robert Plant

Shooting the Edge

Shooting the Edge

Shooting Shane MacGowan

Shooting Shane MacGowan

Shooting Richard Branson

Shooting Richard Branson

Shooting Amadou and Mariam

Shooting Amadou and Mariam

Shooting Rosanna Arquette

Shooting Rosanna Arquette

Shooting Nadya Pussy Riot

Shooting Nadya Pussy Riot

Shooting Rufus Wainwright

Shooting Rufus Wainwright

Shooting Willem Defoe

Shooting Willem Defoe

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